Sunday, April 14, 2013

What Ever Happened to Steve Batando?

No, I'm just kidding.

I know that Mindy O'Dell's possibly crazy ex-husband (but hey, wouldn't you be a little crazy if someone kidnapped you and stole your bone marrow?) got shot after attacking Don Lam with a baseball bat.  I just wanted an excuse to link to my Richard Grieco blog, since he did make a brief appearance on the show.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Why Do We Like Dick?

Dick Casablancas is rich, spoiled, stupid, sexist, racist, annoying, self-centered, rude, abusive and frequently nonsensical--not a redeeming characteristic in sight.  When he got a video of Veronica getting naked with Piz via email, he forwarded it to everyone in his address book. Oh, and the way he treated his younger brother almost certainly helped turn the boy into a serial killer.

And we kind of love the guy.

So, what's up with that?  Why is that?  We just don't understand!

We kind of doubt, though, that Rob Thomas can help us with this one.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Was Logan Killed by the Russian Mafia?

Apparently not, since he's in the movie.  But why?  Even Logan Echolls can't survive a hit from the Russian mob. Except apparently he did.  'Cause he's in the movie.

At the end of Season 3, Logan learns that it was Gorya Sorokin who videotaped Veronica and Piz together and then circulated that tape.  Even the usually-fearless Veronica has sense enough to keep her mouth shut when Sorokin taunts her in the food court, but not Logan. He defended Veronica's honor with no regard for his personal safety, and we loved him for it.  But also, we were pretty sure he was going to die.

The Russian guy even said so, from the ground, under the food Logan had dumped on him.  "Whoever you are, you're going to die."

When Logan responded, "Someday," we of course admired his ability to remain flip in the face of death.  But also, we were pretty sure he was going to die.  Probably the following Tuesday.

We were unhappy for many reasons when the show was canceled, but this was the worst.  They had, it seemed, doomed us NEVER TO KNOW whether Logan had been killed by the Russian mob.  Then, after the cancelation, Rob Thomas pitched a new show set a little further in the future and entirely glossed over Logan's life and possible death.

Five year passed.  During those years, someone in my house may have periodically snapped in annoyance, " Logan dead or not?"

I'm not naming names.

Enter Kickstarter and fan outcry, and we may never know whether Logan Echolls was dead.  Rob Thomas is starting over...and Logan is in the movie.  I'm glad he's back, to be honest--but I really hope someone explains how he survived.

Since it became clear that Logan is, in fact, alive, we've brainstormed a bit and come up with a few possible reasons he might not have been killed, but frankly none of them seems especially strong:
  • Gorya's behavior was pretty bad and unprofessional--it's possible that his murderous family decided not to back him up.
  • Gorya told The Castle about his family's business--it's possible that his murderous family killed him off.
  • Logan may be a super hero.
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