I'll be honest.  These questions didn't emerge when I heard that there was (finally!) going to be a Veronica Mars movie.  Sure, the amazing success of the Kickstarter campaign and the possibility of getting some of these questions answered (finally!) might have brought the questions back to the front burner and inspired this blog.

But the questions themselves?  They've been burbling below the surface for years.  Sometimes they erupt like little geysers.  I'll just be going on about my life and I'll turn and say to my daughter, " you think Logan was killed by the Russian mafia?"  Or perhaps she'll say, "So, what do you think Duncan is doing with his life while he's hiding out in Australia?"

In a way, this movie is a risky thing.  We may still not get all of our questions answered. Worse, they may be answered in ways we don't like, that we might have tolerated years ago but have become far to set in our ways to adapt to now.  What if Veronica ended up with Piz?  What if Weevil returned to a life of crime?

Still, we're only here to speculate.  I've seen a lot of clamoring for certain outcomes on the web these past few days, much of it from Kickstarter backers.  While I agree with much of what they say (Veronica and Logan 4-ever!), I sincerely hope Rob Thomas is closing his eyes and ears to all of us.  They did a great job with the show for three years....enough so that more than 50,000 strangers are throwing money their way for the privilege of seeing more.  Let's let them handle it.

Doesn't mean we can't ask questions, though.

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