Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Ever Became of Duncan?

Remember that guy? Veronica's first love, brother of her murdered best friend, son and heir to Kane Software billionaire Jake's coming back to you, right?

When last we saw Duncan, he was on a beach in Australia with his baby.

He had his sister's murderer killed, rescued Lily (fka Faith Manning) from Meg's psychotic parents and appeared to be making a nice life for his child. That was probably a fair wrap-up to his story, but an odd thing happened back in Neptune.

Veronica--his loving girlfriend until the moment of his escape and the closest friend of his murdered sister--basically never mentioned him again. Logan, his apparent best friend, basically never mentioned him again.

I was hoping for some kind of passing mention in the movie, even if Duncan couldn't pop back into the country for his high school reunion. Even if no one had heard from him in that ensuing decade (and, do we really believe that?), it would have been nice to see someone acknowledge that he'd been an important part of the crowd's high school life.

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