Saturday, July 27, 2013

Did Veronica Out the Castle?

The Castle, described as Hearst's version of the infamous Skull & Bones, had apparently been operating in secret for decades: a network of powerful men (and men only), made more powerful by their alliances and held captive by their secrets.

Enter Veronica.

After a little undercover work by the long-suffering Wallace, a little theft, a little impossible hacking by the ever-impressive Mac and a side dish of destruction of evidence from dear old dad, Veronica unearthed those secrets and a comprehensive list of the Castle's membership.

But then what?

We know that Veronica gave the membership list to Nish, and that Nish warned that she was going to make some very powerful men very unhappy...but unhappy how? Was she going to pursue the sex discrimination lawsuit she'd mentioned earlier, or blackmail members to get what she wanted? Would the lawsuit have brought the Castle into the public eye and started others peeling away the layers of secrecy?

The information in Veronica's hands could have destroyed the organization; it could also have ended in criminal charges for more than one member we know about (and presumably many others we don't). So, what happened? Did Nish sue? Did Veronica share the information with authorities? Or did the whole secret society get swept back under the rug as the Mars family attempted to recover from the fallout of Keith's cover-up of Veronica's B & E?

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