Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jake Kane?

Early in the series, we thought Jake Kane seemed like a pretty decent guy.  He was certainly nicer to his children and generally everyone around him than that heinous bitch of a wife he had, and even when he dabbled in crime or sent CW off to do some dirty work, it all seemed to be in the interest of protecting his family.

His physical appearance suited this persona. He was a clean-cut, reasonably attractive guy of the variety that you might find in any suburban country club.

Now, we understand that his daughter was murdered and his epileptic son kidnapped his own child and disappeared. And we mentioned the heinous bitch of a wife, right? Still, Jake Kane's transformation was so dramatic that we don't know what to make of it: by the end of the third season his look was more "serial killer during the disintegration phase" than suburban country club.

Was a previously stable family man breaking down before our eyes, or was his mask slipping?

Enter the Castle, and we begin to wonder whether just maybe he's a serial killer in the disintegration phase.

After all, his involvement with the secret society clearly long pre-dates the death of his daughter, his son's disappearance and those creepy portraits of his lost children on the walls. These new revelations, not to mention Kane's new look, cast a new light on his previous demeanor and the motivations behind the power plays and secrecy.

Did Kane have us fooled in the early days, is he breaking down after the tragic destruction of his family, or has he reverted to his wild hacker days now that the tragedies that befell his family have freed him from the responsibilities of a middle-class father?

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